UTV Track Systems

ATV and UTV track systems are a very hefty investment. That’s why you should carefully consider how much a track system will benefit you. Tracks are no doubt a great accessory but because of their huge price tag their not for everyone.

Tracks are perfect for certain businesses, organizations and rescue crews that work on extreme terrains on a daily basis. These types of ATV and UTV operators will be able to validate a track purchase that cost $3K-$5K because they can see a return on their investment.

For the average trail rider, carefully consider the pros and cons of tracks. They are very expensive. They require routine maintenance after every 20 hours of operating time. Replacement parts are expensive, tracks cost $400-$650 each to replace. Tracks put extra strain on steering components. They cause your machine to move slower and you can forget about pulling the front end off the ground into a wheelie.

On the other hand, you can drive through virtually anything. You get better ground clearance, hauling capacity and more stability. You don’t have to worry about flat tires. Tracks are easy to install and take off. You can switch back and forth to tires in under an hour when ever you need to. Basically it’s just like putting on a new set of wheels and tires with a couple extra stabilizing components which are also easy to install.

Putting tracks on your ATV or UTV is definitely the most radical upgrade you can make to your ride. It brings a whole new meaning to the word “off-road”. Just make sure you’ll be able to use them in a way that justifies that $3K-$5K price tag.

There are a handful of brands that make these track systems. Camoplast is by far the most popular of these brands. They are diversified in track systems for the government, construction outfits and outdoor transportation markets.  They make a great track system for ATV and UTV applications. The reason I pointed out this one brand is because you’ll see that most retailers carry this brand and it’s because they are the backbone of this part of the market and their tracks are made in the USA.