UTV Review

In this UTV review, instead of matching up one side x side model to another, we wanted to cover which models are best for each category, work, trail riding and dune riding.

When you’re scouting around looking for which UTV to get it’s important to keep in mind what you’ll be using this machine for. Traditionally side x sides were produced to help with off-road commercial work such as farming. As time went on customers were using their work horses for recreation and a new demand was created. Polaris was first to service this new market with the Polaris Ranger RZR and soon other manufactures jumped on the bandwagon.

Currently this market has reached a whole new level of “extreme” performance. Recently Arctic Cat released its WildCat 1000, which honestly resembles a dune buggy more than anything. But with side x side owners taking to the desert and running dunes this model is the perfect package for those enthusiast.

So, there are three different markets manufactures are catering to and each manufacturer has a model to meet those needs. Which customer are you? Do you want a work horse with a dump bed and easy in and out seating? Are you strictly riding trails and need a machine with good maneuverability and performance upgrades? Do you need a model with a little of both to help you transition from working around the house to riding out to your favorite hunting stand? Or are you looking for a machine that makes the hair on your neck stand up every time you hit that gas?

Which ever your style, review the list of UTV models below and find out what they have to offer. We’ve linked the text of each side x side to the manufactures webpage that explains all the features of each model.

As always, we encourage you to leave any comments or feedback that you may have from your experience with UTV’s in the comments section below.


Work: Models that were designed to get jobs done…hauling logs, rocks, hay, plowing snow and carrying tools to remote job sites.


Trails: Models that sport features like upgraded suspension, performance seats and extra horsepower.


Dunes/Extreme Performance: Models that feature the biggest motors on the market with upgraded suspension packages that provide superior ground clearance, articulation and suspension travel.