UTV Hard Top Roof Review

Whether you’re looking to just keep the sun off your face or install added protection, a UTV hard top roof is a great first accessory to add to your side by side.  UTV hard tops can cost more then soft tops but the long term benefits greatly out weigh the cost difference.

Hard top roofs run in the $100-$500 range and pricing largely depends on what material was used to fabricate the roof. UTV hard tops come in ABS plastic, diamond plate and aluminum. Aluminum tops are found mostly in the UTV racing scene because of their light weight and their strength in a roll over incident. Diamond plate roofs are used mostly in a utilitarian environment and usually accompanied by a diamond plate rear trunk deck.  This is a great setup for a UTV that is used on a ranch, construction site or used to upkeep trails and personal property. If you can see hauling a heavy payload on top of your UTV or the machine is in areas that make it possible to get hit by heavy objects then invest in the diamond plate top. Plastic tops are the most popular due to their low cost, excellent styling and  accessory options. Plastic UTV tops are great for general riding and trail riding.

Before you purchase a top consider any other accessories you would like to install later and confirm the brand of top you’re interested in also offers features to compliment those other accessories you would like to install. Other accessories you may consider are lights, rear cab enclosure or back window, stereo and accessory mounts. Not all tops make these UTV accessories an option.

Finally, if you plan on hauling your UTV down the highway make sure to see if the top is rated to do so. Some UTV tops are not strong enough to withstand high amounts of wind force and may detach from the roll cage in transit. This is mostly a concern for thinner plastic tops.

Like always, we included a list of UTV/Side X Side hard top roof manufactures and the best places to get them. If you have anything to add to the post please feel free to comment below, it’s what it’s there for.



FTD Cabs


Super ATV







Premier Plastics

Pro Armor

GR Manufacturing