Top 15 ATV Mud Tire Brands

Mud tires for ATV’s are big business and fortunately for us, blackwater cowboys, ATV tire manufactures over the last few years have been developing tires that are 100% geared for swamp conditions.

ATV mud tires made it onto our Top 10 ATV Mudding Accessories feature and it’s no surprise because…if you don’t have the right tires you’re wasting your time.

So what makes a good mud tire for your 4×4 quad? We’ll start with the construction of the tire. While I’m a big advocate for 8 ply tires, 6 ply tires are actually better for extreme mud conditions. 8ply tires are extra thick and are best suited for rocky conditions. When the mud starts to cake up on the treads of an 8 ply tire they become too heavy. This will cause extra stress on steering components and the axles causing them to wear prematurely.  6 ply tires will offer plenty of puncture resistance and are easier for the quad to spin when it’s knee deep in sticky mud.

Recently tire manufactures have been designing tires so that the tread continues down the sidewall of the tire. This is a new feature that will become a staple on all extreme style ATV mud tires. It’s a great element that will help the quad get traction when its high sided in a deeply rutted trail.

Be aware, if you’ve never had a set of true mud tires, they’re not meant to ride smooth on hard pact surfaces. While some tread designs give the tire a little more forgiveness, most ride similar to a tractor tire. You can feel each tread make contact with the surface. Newer high end model 4×4 ATV’s such as Can Am Outlander, Polaris Sportsman XP, Yamaha Grizzly 700, Suzuki King Quad, Arctic Cat 700 and the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 offer better quality independent suspensions and steering components that help combat the vibrations & strenuous handling characteristics of these tires.

If you won’t to install larger mud tires without having to add a lift kit, we recommend only going 1 inch larger in height and width from the stock tire size. If the ATV is stock with 25x8x12 on the fronts and 25x10x12 on the rears you could install 26x9x12 fronts & 26x11x12 rears. That will increase the height and width by 1inch giving the ATV a more aggressive look while increasing ground clearance and footprint for added performance. Some quads are able to fit tires 2 or 3 sizes larger than stock. If 1inch bigger isn’t enough, check your machine’s clearance. You can do this by turning the tires all the way one way or the other and check the clearance you have from tie rods, shocks and any other components that might rub the larger tires. Normally, any ATV mud tire bigger than 28 inches will need to be installed with a lift kit.

highlifter outlaw atv mud tireAggressive: Outlawhighlifter outlaw 2 atv mud tireExtreme: Outlaw 2

super swamper tsl vampires mud tiresAggressive: TSL Vampire super swamper black mamba mud tiresExtreme: Black Mamba

maxxis zilla atv mud tireAggressive: Zilla maxxis mud bug atv mud tireExtreme: Mud Bug

itp mudlite xl atv tiresAggressive: Mud Lite XL ITP Mega Mayhem atv mud tireExtreme: Mega Mayhem

itp Monster Mayhem atv tiresExtreme: Monster Mayhem  itp Mammoth mayhem atv tires  Most Extreme: Mammoth Mayhem

kenda bearclaw atv mud tireAggressive: BearClaw kenda excutioner atv mud tireExtreme: Executioner

gbc mud hog atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Hog gbc gator atv mud tireExtreme: Gator

efx motomax atv mud tireAggressive: MotoMax efx motomonster atv mud tireExtreme: MotoMonstor

carlisle mud wolf atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Wolf carlisle mud wolf xl atv mud tireExtreme: Mud Wolf XL

ams SWAMP FOX atv mud tireAggressive: Swamp Fox ams SWAMP FOX plus atv mud tireExtreme: Swamp Fox Plus

sedona mud rebel atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Rebel sedona buzz saw atv mud tireExtreme: Buzz Saw

innova mud gear atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Gear innova lug gear atv mud tireExtreme: Lug Gear

gorilla Silverback XLite atv mud tireAggressive: Silverback Xlite gorilla axle silverback atv mud tireExtreme: Silverback

mud machine at atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Machine AT Mud Machine Tri Claw atv mud tireExtreme: Mud Machine Bi-Claw

sti black diamond xtr atv mud tireAggressive: Black Diamond XTR sti mud trax atv mud tireExtreme: Mud Trax

super atv mud tires
super atv mud demon atv mud tireAggressive: Mud Demon super atv terminator atv mud tiresExtreme: Terminator