Top 10 ATV Mudding Accessories

ATV mudding is as old as time, but recently this past time has taken on a whole new meaning. Now you have to have your ATV equipped with aftermarket accessories specifically designed for this niche style of off-road riding if you plan on keeping up with the pack. So if you’re looking to turn your ATV into a blackwater swamp monster here is a list of the top 10 accessories you’ll need to install on your quad to make sure you survive those bottomless mud pits.

In no particular order.

Top 10 ATV Mudding Aftermarket Accessories

ATV Mud Tires

super swamper atv tires

Depending on the level of mud bogging and how frequently you plan on doing it will determine which level of tire you’ll need.  If 50% or more of your riding involves serious mud and the quad is always wading through deep water I’d recommend buying an extra set of cheap ATV wheels and outfitting them with “extreme” style mud tires. If you seldom find yourself in this scenario you can opt to install an “aggressive” style mud tire on your current set of wheels. These tires will deliver a comfortable ride when you’re on dry dirt and give you an advantage when you do encounter that muddy part of the trail. This option is also easier on the pocket book and you’ll save money from not having to buy an extra set of wheels and the higher priced “extreme” style mud tires.

Super Swamper– Aggressive: TSL Vampires Extreme: Black Mamba
Maxxis– Aggressive: Zilla Extreme: Mud Bug
ITP– Aggressive: Mud Lite Extreme: Mega Mayhem
Kenda– Aggressive: BearClaw Extreme: Executioner
GBC– Aggressive: Mud Hog Extreme: Gator
EFX– Aggressive: MotoMax Extreme: MotoMonstor
Carlisle– Aggressive: Mud Wolf Extreme: Mud Wolf XL
AMS– Aggressive: Swamp Fox hog Extreme: Swamp Fox Plus
Sedona– Aggressive: Mud Rebel Extreme: Buzz Saw
Innova– Aggressive: Land Hawk Extreme: Mud Gear
Highlifter– Aggressive: Outlaw MST Extreme: Outlaw Crazy: Outlaw 2
Gorilla– Aggressive: Silverback Xlite Extreme: Silverback
Sand Tires Unlimited– Aggressive: Mud Machine AT Extreme: Mud Machine Tri Claw
STI– Aggressive: Black Diamond XTR Extreme: Mud Trax

ATV Lift Kit

Whether or not you decide to get oversized tires it’s still a good idea to get a couple extra inches of lift under your quad. The most common reason an ATV gets stuck on the trail is because it frames out on a rut from previous riders. To combat this familiar scenario install an ATV lift kit to allow the tires to keep contact while drudging through the mudding spots in the trail.



Gorilla Axle
Super ATV
Strong Made
ATV Engineering

ATV Axles

After a lift kit is installed the ATV will need to be lifted off the ground in a way that the wheels and tires can rest at full extension or full sag. Then turn each wheel to see if the axles are binding. If there is any binding at all the axles MUST be replaced. If the axle is even slightly binding it will break. It may not break on the first trip around the yard but it will break on the trail. If you luck out and your axles are spinning freely you can continue to use the stock axles. If they are binding, aftermarket heavy duty axles that are design for lift kits and extreme angles will need to be installed.

Gorilla Axle


ATV Overfenders/Fender Extenders

atv overfenders

Also known as fender extenders and overfenders, this accessory is important to help catch all that extra  mud flying off that new set of tires and keep it off the handlebars, the relocated radiator and your face.



ATV Radiator Relocation Kit

gorilla atv radiator relocation kit

If the quad is always down in the mud and water it is impossible for the radiator to get the air it needs to keep the motor cool. Therefore a radiator relocation kit needs to be installed to get the radiator up out of the mud so it can get the continuous air flow it needs to do its job. If the bike gets to hot, it just means you get to sit on the side lines while it cools and everyone else is still riding.

Gorilla Axle
Wild Boar
High Lifter


ATV Snorkel Kit


Intake snorkel kits are used to extend the opening to the air intake box up above the front plastics. One of the most detrimental occurrences that can happen to the motor is getting mud and water into it. During serious mud running this factor is a real threat to stock setups that can become submerged in deep water and the only way to combat the problem is to get all the inlets to the motor above the plastics.

Triangle ATV
Mud Industries Snorks
Snorkel Your ATV
Submarine Snorkel
Gorilla Axle
Mud Nemesis
Bayou Snorkels (no website)

ATV Exhaust Extension/Snorkel

This accessory is one that is hard to come by. It’s only available for retail for a couple models of exhausts. So if you don’t have the right SuperTrapp or HMF exhaust you’ll have to have one custom made. This accessory is also avoided by many riders who believe it’s unnecessary, which is true if you can guarantee the quad is never going to stall while the muffler is submerged. If a fabricator can make one you can easily bolt on and take off, that would be ideal so you don’t have to ride around with an exhaust stack always mounted on the muffler.



CVT Snorkel

Some air intake snorkels also snorkel the breather for the clutches, but in the case that the kit for your particular bike doesn’t or you build your own snorkel, make sure this too is done. If the water gets into the case where the belt is, it will become wet and the belt will began to slip. It’s happen to me numerous times during creek crossings and I end up barely getting out of the water when I hit the bank to climb out. Most riders use a flexible thick wall hose or if possible standard PVC to complete this upgrade.

atv cvt snorkel

ATV Winch


When the time comes and your quad is buried to the top of the tires and you can’t find a bottom to keep moving. A winch is going to be the only safe way to pull that 600lb plus beast out of the hole.



Mile Marker

ATV Storage Box


It’s nice to have a weather proof box to keep all your trail gear dry. Since the snorkel kit and radiator relocation kit will occupy the front rack area, look for a suitable rear storage box. These boxes come with lots of options and add considerable versatility to your machine.



Well, there you have it, the top 10 accessories to turn your ATV into a real mud slinging machine.