Radiators For ATV & UTV

There’s been numerous times while riding we have to pull off and take a break and let the ATV’s, UTV’s and dirt bikes cool down to prevent the engines from overheating. While these breaks are sometimes needed and allow us to rest our bodies and BS with each other, most of the time these cool down periods are inconvenient and annoying. When there’s riding to be done who wants to sit around every 30 minutes to let the machines cool off? No one…that’s who.

To eliminate this problem we can look at replacing our stock OEM radiators and installing aftermarket radiators on the quads, side x sides or bikes. These thicker high performance radiators offer more surface area to allow improved heat transfer from the coolant.

Aftermarket aluminum radiators are also designed to increase coolant volumes. Having more coolant in the system allows the coolant higher capacity to radiate heat before its pumped back into the motor.

Along with upgrading to a better radiator we suggest using radiator coolant designed for powersports applications.



Cheapest Retailer: Powersports Super Store

Alternative Retailer: Chrome Addiction

Alternative Retailer: Dennis Kirk


Cheapest Retailer: JC Motors

Alternative Retailer:KG Motorcycle Tires

CBR (USA branch of Australia’s PWR)

Cheapest Retailer: Poly Performance


Search radiator model number or ATV “model” to narrow results.