Polaris RZR XP 1000 vs. Can-Am Maverick X rs

rzr xp 1000 vs Maverick X rs

Polaris RZR XP 1000 MSRP $19,999           Can-Am Maverick X rs MSRP $17,799


The new Polaris RZR XP 1000 vs. Cam-Am Maverick X rs, which is the better machine? Well let’s look at the specs side by side.

I’ll admit, I’m a tad bias toward Polaris, but I could easily be swayed to like a Can-Am. I would take home a Renegade in a heartbeat. I’m the type that wants to drive the meanest machine on the market. To that point, when the Maverick was introduced I was impressed and Polaris definitely took notice. You can tell by looking at the stats that Polaris was targeting this machine, how would you explain the 107 HP motor in the new RZR…it’s obvious.

I indeed did sign up and “Like” the RZR Facebook page and entered to win one of the 5 RZR XP 1000’s that Polaris is giving away to promote the new model. I sat and waited for the unveil to be one of the first to see this new high performance machine. I was definitely blown away by the promotional video that was presented. So, after all the hype what’s the natural thing to do? That’s right, start looking at the specs.

The first thing that stands out is the RZR’s 999cc’s and its 107 HP, which is more than the Maverick’s 976cc’s and 101 HP. But when you look at weight the Maverick is 80 lbs lighter which brings the RZR’s big advantage down to a slight advantage in power. The Maverick’s tires are also 2 inches shorter and use less effort to turn.

Looking at suspension it’s apparent that Polaris had heard enough from other manufacture’s models having better suspension travel because they installed Walker Evans shocks that were made just for this application and gave the new RZR 18 inches of travel in the rear and 16 inches in the front…that’s top of the line.

The RZR XP 1000 also mounted 29 inch tall Maxxis Bighorns to give it a full 13.5 inches of ground clearance, just enough to beat the Maverick by a half an inch. So, if you just add taller tires to the Maverick, then it’s back on top.

As far as dimensions go, both models are basically exactly the same. But Polaris utilized the rear cargo space in a fashion that better suites average rider’s expectations. As mentioned before the RZR does weigh 80 lbs more, which most of that can be attributed to the bigger tires, bigger shocks and power steering components.

Did I mention power steering? Oh yeah! It comes standard on the new RZR and I think this is one feature that really shines. Most people think power steering is for sissies…well let me tell you, power steering changed my riding style a ton and I’ve never looked back. I used to deal with muscle ache at the end of the day and have to take some pain relievers…not any more. Power steering completely eliminated that problem. Since the RZR has power steering and the Maverick doesn’t, that’s enough to make me choose the RZR all day. That’s how much I love that feature.

So if you’re in the ballpark to spend $20K ($19,999) on a side by side, I would recommend you stick with the leader in the UTV market and take home a Polaris RZR XP 1000 and make all your buddies jealous.

The Stats

RZR XP 1000

Maverick X rs


Size 999 cc 976 cc
Valves 4 per Cylinder 4 per Cylinder
HP 107 101
Cooling Liquid Liquid
Fuel System Fuel Injected Fuel Injected


Type Auto PVT Auto CVT
Engine Braking No Yes
Drive System On-Demand
True AWD/2WD
Selectable 2WD/4WD
Auto Lock Front Diff.


Front Dual A-Arm
Walker Evans
16 in. Travel
Dual A-Arm
Fox Podium-X
14 in. Travel
Rear Trailing Arm
Walker Evans
18 in. Travel
Trailing Arm
Fox Podium-X
14 in. Travel
13.5 inches 13 inches


Front Dual Piston/Disk Dual Piston/Disk
Rear Dual Piston/Disk Single Piston/Disk


Front 29×9-14 Bighorn 27×9-12 Bighorn 2.0
Rear 29×11-14 Bighorn 27×11-12 Bighorn 2.0
Wheels Aluminum Aluminum


Length 119 inches 118.8 inches
Width 64 inches 64 inches
Height 73.75 inches 74.2 inches
Wheelbase 90 inches 84.3 inches
Dry Weight 1,379 lbs 1,297 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 9.5 gal 10 gal
Rear Storage
300 lbs 200 lbs.

Comfort Features

Seats Adjustable
Steering Wheel Tilt Tilt
Power Steering Yes/Standard No
Cup Holders Yes/Dual Yes/Dual
Doors 1/4 Doors Side Nets
Lighting LED Halogen
Security System No Yes