Motorcycle & ATV Speedometer

If you’re looking to install a speedometer on a dirt bike, motorcycle or ATV we suggest you take a look at Trail Tech’s digital gauges. Trail Tech currently offers five different computers that feature a speedometer, tachometer, voltage gauge and temperature gauge. The luxury model computer, Voyager Moto-GPS, offers a large display with GPS features. With all the different models available it’s likely you’ll find one that has the features that are most important to you.

One of the elements that makes Trail Tech stick out is that they have also designed mounting kits and dashboards that are specific to each model of motorcycle and four wheeler.  Because they took the time to build these accessories, Trail Tech’s digital gauges look like a factory option instead of a slap on universal accessory.

The computer’s speedometer gets it’s reading from a sensor that is fixed on a stationary part of the bike such as the brake caliper. A magnet is fastened to the brake rotor, since the rotor turns with the wheel. Every time the magnet passed the sensor the computer can then calculate the speed based on the speed of the magnet’s revolutions and the tire diameter setting that you input into the computer.






The computer’s tachometer gets it’s reading from a wire (RPM Sensor) that is twisted around the spark plug wire. Each time the spark plug fires the sensor sends the information back to the computer and displays the RPM’s.







The computer’s temperature sensor is installed by splicing into the radiator hose. This step is actually easier then it sounds.

You basically cut a 1 ½ inch section out of the hose (mid way down the hose), insert the fitting/sensor and reconnect the ends of the hose to the fitting making it a complete radiator hose again.






It’s recommended that the gauge be hooked up to a constant 12V current from a battery. The LED backlights are ten times brighter and it takes more time for the computer to enter sleep mode. The “shift” and “temperature” LED’s will also be enabled. It’s possible to tap straight in to a power wire, just make sure to splice into the system before a point that can be interrupted by a key switch.

If you need more information on how to install a Trail Tech motorcycle and ATV speedometer you can refer to Trail Tech’s website and look on their instructions or videos page.


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