KFI Stealth Winch

3500 winch

Honestly, I would have never thought you could make a fashion statement out of a winch. But leave it to KFI to think outside the box and deliver something unique that will definitely spark some interests.

KFI’s new Stealth series winch line includes 2500, 3500 and 4500 lb rated models. This new line coincidentally follows not too far behind the launch of Yamaha’s tactical series Grizzly which is blacked out from top to bottom. I wonder if Yamaha’s unveiling turned a light bulb on over at KFI’s headquarters?

KFI’s Stealth series winches come with synthetic rope, which is lighter, easier to handle and safer to use. They also come with a handheld rocker switch along with the handlebar mounted control. Also included is a cable hook stopper, which is an accessory most winches don’t come with right out of the box.

All around great attention to detail from KFI. KFI has gone the extra mile to make sure everything was blacked out on this Stealth series. Even the hook, the rollers on the fairlead and the bolts that hold it all together are blacked out.

For the guys going for that all black look on their ATV, this is the winch for you. Not only does it look awesome but you know it’s going to perform great because it’s a KFI product and it’s all at a reasonable price.