Engine Ice Radiator Coolant

When it comes to radiator coolant for powersports applications it’s recommended to use a brand that is designed for ATV’s, UTV’s and Dirt Bikes. Engine Ice is a leading brand that has proven to be a top performer among professional riders.

Engine Ice and other powersports coolants are formulated to work with the specific tolerances that smaller motors have. Gaskets and seals in these motors differ from the types found in full size vehicles and are acceptable to premature damage caused by the chemicals used in standard automotive radiator coolants and anti-freeze.  Specifically Engine Ice is silicate free and phosphate free for this reason.

Engine Ice on average can lower engine temperature by about 15-20F degrees. It also has a higher boiling point then standard coolants at 250F degrees.

Even though Engine Ice has anti-corrosion chemicals included, these chemicals breakdown after two years, leaving internal motor parts vulnerable to corrosion. It is recommended to change coolant fluid every year under normal use. If the machine is used in higher frequencies or in racing environments the fluid should be flushed and replaced twice a year.

Engine Ice is pre diluted with de-ionized water. This insures the coolant is diluted consistently and accurately. It also guarantees the cleanest water possible was used in the process. De-ionized water is free from iron, magnesium, rust, lime, calcium chlorine, fluorides and acids which are found in other sources of water.

Unfortunately coolant maintenance is usually neglected. Just as routine oil changes are needed to keep engine parts well lubricated, engine coolant needs the same attention to insure your motor operates at optimum temperatures to maximize horsepower and reduce premature failure from fatigue of over heating.

Engine Ice

Here’s a list of professional racers that use or have used Engine Ice in their machines.

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